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Ultimate Cloud Collaboration
for WordPress

Next generation Cloud Technology to store, share & build websites faster with full team collaboration

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One Cloud Solution. Many Use Cases.

Templately has many things to offer to ensure seamless web-building experience. Here are some of the most common use cases

5000+ Ready Templates for Elementor & Gutenberg

Insert any template with 1 click & build your niche website

Cloud Storage To Save Templates & Reuse

Save & store your page templates on MyCloud to reuse it whenever you need

WorkSpace To Collaborate With Team Members

Invite your team members & work together to build website faster than ever before

Smarter & Faster Page Building with
Templately Cloud Storage

Instantly build landing pages and save in the cloud storage to power up your workflow

Save & Store Templates

Add your landing pages on Templately Storage With just a click & reuse it anywhere on that website or on the next WordPress site you will build.

Preview Your Saved Template

Check all your saved templates, landing pages from the Templately dashboard and use the one you need for your next projects.

Insert Saved Templates

Use your saved template to design your next page or build a completely new one. Save your precious time & enhance your web building experience.

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Seamless Team Collaboration
Using Templately WorkSpace

Make Templately your centralized Cloud Space for WordPress projects & increase productivity for your team

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Create WorkSpace & Invite Team Members

It's our mission to make web development easier, collaborative and innovative across the web. Provide full visibility for your team-mates and get the jobs faster

Share Saved Templates & Reuse Wherever Anybody Needs

Keep team projects organised for internal & external stakeholders using Templately shared spaces. Save time by reusing the templates from cloud

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Get Unlimited Access to Templates Cloud